Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you tie down a flame?

You may tie me down in an iron chain,
And pull its ends with all your strength.
You may use your brutal force again,
And hope that I would die in pain.
You may grind your knife's edge, if you'd like
To behead me, take away my life.
Or even put my neck in a noose.
Try killing me sir, the way you choose.

But haven't you heard of what they say.
This burning flame ain't a giveaway.
You tear me apart, I spread out.
You pierce my heart and I burn aloud.
More you poison me, nearer I reach my glory.
Your hands will burn trying to end my story.
And more and more you'll cry in anguish.
But you see, this old flame won't extinguish.

All fire and blaze, that’s not me.
Sir, you don’t know me in entirety.
Have you seen the lamp in that watchman’s shed?
How it guides him, while he earns his bread.
Or those candles, that stand before God in church?
If the virtues in me is what you search,
In the darkest of darks, you’ll see through my light.
I’ll burn myself to turn your dusks bright.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Worst Days Ever

Reasons and explanations, all seem to have ceased.
Each day brought a new life once, all it brings now is disease.
Is it just me who suffers, or is it the whole world?
Have I gone mad, or is universe really in a whirl?
Are these problems that spawned still in their teens?
Or Could these be the worst days I have ever seen?

Each night I sleep, I pray for better tomorrow.
But morning only brings fresh stink of sorrow.
Workplace seems to be nothing more than a joke.
They call me names, and then blame me for being provoked.
Am I an employee to them, or am I a living machine?
Could these be the worst days I have ever seen?

Broken are those strings that we yesterday loomed.
Consumed by these times of havoc and doom.
We walk two different paths that would never meet,
One leads to peace and salvation, the other to greed.
The rare times we talk over phone, we end up in screams.
Could these be the worst days I have ever seen?

A bunch of best friends, thats what we were.
How it all fell apart, now none can gather.
Our hearts were filled with love for each other so true
Then how could we end up as Group one and Group two?
She blames him for his rudeness, he blames her for being mean.
Could these be the worst days I have ever seen?

Is there an end to these days, or are they here to stay?
Would I die in my cube believing I would be rewarded one day?
Can we tie the broken threads we have into another knot?
Would we friends write one story again from our randomly connected plots?
All I am left with now is hope that these days would end soon.
Or a wish to sleep and never wake up to see the burning gloom.