Sunday, December 2, 2007

Death Should Wait

Fly like a bird in open skies,
See the world from highest of highs,
Lighting up some blind man's eyes,
Being the truth in a million lies,
Answer to all whats, hows and whys,
Sound of Eureka after thousand tries,
Each one of these is a special prize,
I want to receive, before this heart dies.

A cringing hungry beggar's bread,
A priceless tear from her eye she shed,
A little bud planted on flower bed,
Blooming into a rose so red,
Timeless knot in a broken thread,
Silence in the air after all has been said,
All of these things, I would be glad,
To know that I have been before I am dead.

A rising wave in deep blue sea,
Prince Charming of a girl's fantasy,
A butterfly, a spirit too free,
Endless shade under a banyan tree,
In midst of riot, a harmony,
A metaphor in the book of poetry,
All of these, I want to be,
Before they dig a grave and bury me.


yppah said...

this ones my favourite Mathur poem :) which one do you rate highly ? i know its difficult to choose between your own materpieces but still would like to know ;)

Vaibhav Mathur said...

Well, tough question. My personal favourite is "A dagger stabbed Heart".
Reason - Have you ever seen someone cry while scribbling his original post onto his blog?