Sunday, November 4, 2007

God wasn't there

Almighty God, what brings You here
After a long twenty years gap?
What is it that You want from me now,
That You stand on my doorstep?

You were there when I was rich with plenty,
When life was sans a blemish.
One fine day, when riches were gone,
With them You also vanished.

Where were You that fateful day
when You left me alone in strife?
Where were You on the doomsday
When he shot a bullet in my wife?

Where were You those dark mornings
When there wasn’t a sunshine for me?
Where were You those gloomy nights
When stars and moon I couldn’t see?

You were gone when I wanted You the most,
When none was by my side.
And now You come back when tables are turned,
When its my turn to throw the dice.

Now that I seek vengeance for the sins
The vendetta for that slaughter.
Now that I’ve got a chance to even up
With the blood of his daughter.
Now that he’s crying for forgiveness,
he is down on his knees.
I live that doomsday each moment of my life
And You ask me to forgive him please!!

I sharpen my knife to pierce her chest
And with that single stroke, his heart.
But something pulls me back instead.
I cut those knots apart.

He thanks me for my kindness.
You wonder why such a thing I do.
Its neither Your wrath, nor You I fear Almighty
Its because I am more God-fearing than You.

(Heavily inspired from a poem of same name found in my trash bin)


Jui Chitre said...

wonderful.. i loved the last line .. very well written

revathi said...

This is surely one of the best poems I have read in a blog.....hats off to the last line.

suchita said...

A good attempt to write a poetry on the lines of Agatha Christie's inscrutabilities :) .....Definetly worth a read.
Though i thought the climax could have been more interesting. :)