Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who am I?

I open my eyes
And rise from the bed.
I look in the mirror
And see a man half-dead.
I soak myself in bath
Yet come out dry,
As I try to recall
Who am I?

The suit in the closet
With a very fine crease.
I wear it on,
But with a lot of unease.
The shoes are shining,
And it’s a matching tie.
I look so perfect, but
Who am I?

I go to the church
To say my prayer.
I look for Jesus
Desperately in despair.
Oh Lord, cant You see
That this son of Thy,
Asks You a question
Who am I?

Some people say that
I am an angel of Christ.
While others fear me
Call me devil in disguise.
They pour their love on me
They avoid my eye.
But no one tells me
Who am I?

But when you come along,
A look in your eyes,
Clears the clouds
And opens the skies.
Those beautiful eyes
Tell me who I am
You are my love
And I am your man.

1 comment:

suchita said...

Every Homo sapien is in full control of one's powers, senses, etc.....but the inevitable search for oneself cannot be sufficed by any means.
"Who am I" is pretty close to self realization for every strayed soul.
despite of the acquaintance to own self....the voracity for more lingers.