Sunday, August 8, 2010

Butterfly Ear-rings

A long black skirt and she’s wrapped inside it.
The white shirt looks on her to be a perfect fit.
A pair of glasses and two eyes hide behind.
Two lips having dullness of a palish color undefined.
Each strand of hair kempt in a knot too tight.
Grim look on her face - a usual sight.
Unnoticed go among such mundane things -
Her colorful butterfly ear-rings.

Those orchid blooms, and her wide open arms.
Her leap of faith sans the worldly qualms.
A pair of eyes, in them a playful glint.
Her lips haute-coutured in a bright red tint.
A blow of wind and her hair that swirl.
The laughter that breaks away a gloomy lull.
And you’ll notice the expanse of her hidden wings
In the colors of her butterfly ear-rings.


palakmathur said...

This is awesome poem!! You noticed "her" butterfly ear rings. This poem is a "classic"! The kind of poetry that I like to read. Poetry from the daily sights and scenes that seem mundane but are not essentially so.
Nice observation and a wonderful poem.

Vaibhav Mathur said...

Thanks Palak.
The poem is indeed based on true incident. Took me almost a year to complete it. And I personally consider it to be my best so far :)