Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Playlist

A song about war, and about political sins,
A song that cries against a war within,
A song that speaks of shifting tides,
A song of a man who contemplates suicide,
A song portraying craving for a woman's love,
A song about a fall from high above,
A song about a life, always ensnared in a bubble,
A song that talks of a relationship in trouble,
A song of the timeless journey through the sands,
A song to break up a failed romance,
A song to boast of his proud possessions,
A song about yore, how he yearns for regression,
A song for a friend who can save him from himself,
A song of trust, of words of heart, and nothing else,
And a song of all his senses that cease to exist,
Is what you'll find in my head and on my playlist.

1 comment:

wanderer said...

a cool way to talk about your playlist ansd at the same time write a beautiful poem. hope you will visit my blog a vagabond and a wizard in due course of time and follow us likewise!