Sunday, May 3, 2009

Could it be Love?

He would wonder all along if love exists.
Does it make a man out of the wildest of beasts?
Can a stolen glance make someone's heart race?
Could one soul dance to music from another's silence?
If seven seas separate the so called lovers,
Would they die each moment? Or would they even bother?
And he thinks "World's full of wishful thinking,
But this ain't love, 'coz love ain't nothing."

So he saw her that day in his neighborhood.
A grace so pure, a beauty so crude.
"Oh! What an angel face?”, his eyes sighed.
Life tried to keep its pace, but his heart defied.
And two feet couldn't move, they stood their ground.
Was it beeper in his shirt or his heart's pound?
He thought, "It's the charm most mesmerizing,
But this ain't love, 'coz love ain't nothing."

Is there anything else that his eyes could do,
Than see her each night in a dream or two?
Could they ever return to sanity again?
In the book of poetry, they searched her name.
Oh yes! In every single word he would ever read.
Infatuation it was, or so he believed,
That turned his fall into most beautiful spring,
But this ain't love, 'coz love ain't nothing.

It took a li'l while before her eyes met his,
In him, she did find her eternal peace.
She longed all the time to hold his hands,
And dance a salsa until the world ends.
A fire scorched her heart, and he could feel the same.
He kissed her and let them burn in that raging flame,
Thinking it would die out like just another fling.
As this ain't love, 'coz love ain't nothing.

Today, he walks all alone on the lane he chose,
With shadows from his past, how she spoke her vows
To a man who ain't the one she loved.
It was love, while he thought his senses bluffed.
Why didn't he say to her all the right words?
And listened to what his heart always whispered -
"Mate! It may not be to the best of your liking,
But if this ain't love, then love ain't nothing."

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