Saturday, January 9, 2010


A searing pain each second that ticks,
And a new death each moment -
For all my uncommitted sins
Isn’t this too big a punishment?
While my brain goes numb
And suffers jolts of delirium,
Sand keeps trickling down the glass walls
But only atom by atom.

Ever since you and I had
That cute little conversation,
I am high on you,
And on this freaking emancipation.
The hangover would last long
But it’s the sweetest one alright.
It’s the seven days’ wait though
That kills me day and night.

I wish time could fly away,
Or at least keep its regular pace.
Or a magic wand existed
That could wipe out these agonizing days.
Feels like I'm entirely lost in time.
And each day is a year, it seems.
And I don't know when I'll see you again.
Would that be 17th or '17?


Nit's Wit said...

awesome stuff dude!!

anubhav said...

too good buddy.... you better change ur name to a well known poet... :)
keep going.

Vaibhav Mathur said...

@ Nihit - Thanks a lot dude.
@ Anubhav - Thanks man. But still many miles to go before I do that.