Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New World Order

Darkness is distinctly visible in blazing sun.
Whole world seems to be caught in this marathon.
Falsely sanctified Gods being worshipped by millions.
Path of self destruction being chosen by gazillions.
Globe is entirely enclosed in a gloomy mist,
No one minds if existence ceases to exist.
Screams of conscience would keep falling on deaf ears
Until humanity meets its end in not too many years.

Life is eternal, that's what all believed,
But it looks like eternity is short-lived.
A not too distant storm heads straight this way.
The time is ripe when the hunter becomes prey.
Earth trembles when it’s battered; that’s no surprise.
Vengeance is what I see in ocean’s eyes,
And mountains and rivers think alike.
Seasons seem all geared up for a counter strike.

All laws of nature are about to be annulled.
For too long, man has ruled this world.
Its nature's turn to blow his kingdom to shards.
A new world order is on the cards.


Anurag said...

Nice Poem Sir.

-Anurag Gandhi

om prakash said...

good work dost...angrej kabhi apni matra-bhasha main bhi kuch likh liya kar.....

Branny said...

Good work Vaibhav, vividly portraying the what an unwelcome change has man been to the world in recent times...

Keep going!

Vaibhav Mathur said...

Hey thanks a lot everyone.

@Omi - You know my Hindi is not as good as yours.